Pecan Halves and Pieces Direct From Our Orchard

Flying Basset Farm

Why buy direct from the Farm? You are helping the small family farmer. Growing pecans requires a very large investment in labor, fertilizer, equipment and fuel. Farmers bear the entire cost of production but receive a very low price for their crop from the wholesale buyer. Pecans used to be a profitable crop but countries south of our border with labor cost considerably less than $1/hr have undercut the US wholesale prices. The prices you see in stores are 10 to 15 times the price the farmer receives from the wholesaler. Owning a pecan orchard has become a labor of love because the wholesale prices have dropped below the cost of production and US producers with small orchards like ours are just giving up. Some producers are selling their land for development and retiring while some others are selling their equipment and just letting their orchard go out of production or replacing their trees with other crop. We are trying to keep our farm in production by offering you Farm to Table Pecans and Pecan Candy.

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one pound of pecans
Pecan Halves
A blend of well known varieties and native pecans. Native pecans are smaller in size but have a lot more pecan flavor.
16 ounce package
pecan pieces one pound
Pecan Pieces
Same pecans as our pecans halves but broken into large and small pieces
16 ounce package
Pecans are good for you
Pecan Nutrition Panel
Weight to Cups
1 pound pecans = 4 cups
4 ounces pecans = 1 cup